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since 2004

AS GROUP d.o.o.


AS Group is a private company founded on the tradition of a family that has always had a special relationship with plums and brandy, from whose cellar the first quantities came after its establishment.

The company is located in an ecologically clean area, surrounded by plantations of various orchards woven into the carpet of nature.

Our products are prepared and matured according to traditional distillation recipes, translated into modern technology.

All equipment is located in the production facility in Igroš, and represents the latest technical and technological world solutions, while hygienic conditions are set according to the highest requirements and standards.

In accordance with tradition, the ripening and aging of brandy, which requires it, is kept in the cellar in oak barrels.

Other brandies are stored in hermetically sealed stainless steel vessels in order to preserve the authenticity of the taste and aroma of the fruit.

According to the current capacity, about 1,000 tons of fruit are processed annually, and 100,000 units are bottled, which are sold on the domestic market and exported to the European Union and the USA.

AS Group offers a unique and original product in which, apart from fruit, sincere love and passion for this production have been poured

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