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IMPERIAN Apricot brandy is produced from old varieties of apricots in a traditional way using a controlled production process, in order to transfer the irresistible aroma of this fruit into the bottle.
Winner of the Great Gold Medal at the Novi Sad Fair.

It is consumed chilled, as an aperitif or digestive drink. It is an ideal accompaniment to fruit cakes.


40% alc.

700 ml

It is filled and packaged in two types of bottles, as lux packaging and economic packaging.

Apricot brandy is one of the most popular and appreciated drinks in Serbia.

A pricot fruit is a drupe, resembling a small peach, 1.5-2.5 cm in diameter, yellow to orange in color, sometimes red on the side exposed to the sun.

Apricots most likely come from the region of Central Asia and Northeast China, from the area near the Russian border. It is possible that the natural range of the species includes the Korean Peninsula and Japan.

During the mandatory maturation in wooden vessels, various ingredients are extracted from the long barrel, their decomposition, oxidation, esterification...

This is how clarification, coloring, taste improvement and an increase in the total amount of fragrant and aromatic constituents of the distillate occur.

After completing all these processes, all that remains is to fill the glass bottles and deliver them to consumers to simply enjoy this drink.

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