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Old Brandy Double Distilled

IMPERIAN Plum is a brandy made from traditional varieties of plums, by removing the pits, using a controlled double distillation process. It is characterized by its fullness of taste and preserved aroma, which is further refined with years of aging in oak barriques.
It is the holder of major awards such as the Golden Plaque at the International Grading Fair in Ljubljana, the multiple winner of Gold Medals at the Novi Sad Fair, as well as the Golden stars at ITQI's "Superior Taste Award" in Brussels.
Pleasant vanilla tones and the scent of ideally ripe plum fruits complement each other harmoniously at room temperature.

It is recommended as an aperitif drink with traditional Serbian specialties, but also as a digestive drink.


40% alc.

1000 ml

It is filled and packaged in two types of bottles, as lux packaging and economic packaging.

Intangible World Heritage

P lum is registered on UNESCO's Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity

...as an element of Serbia's intangible cultural heritage that combines complex knowledge and skills for preparing drinks in the home environment as well as its use in everyday and ritual ceremonies. The decision on the inscription was made by the Intergovernmental Committee for the Preservation of the Intangible Cultural Heritage at a meeting in Rabat, Morocco.

It caresses the soul, lifts the mood, makes you socialize.

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