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Imperian Quince

IMPERIAN Quince was created from fully ripe, selected and hand-picked quince fruits, under conditions of controlled fermentation, with a special process of double distillation in order to maintain the unique aroma of this fruit.
It is the holder of the Golden Plaque from the International Fair in Ljubljana.

After harmonizing the brandy, it was offered to true lovers of this drink. It is consumed at room temperature, most often as an aperitif.


41% alc.

700 ml

It is filled and packaged in two types of bottles, as lux packaging and economic packaging.

Quince is considered a symbol of love, happiness,
fertility, intelligence, beauty and impermanence

Q uince contains a lot of vitamin C, followed by potassium, sodium, zinc, iron, copper, manganese, organic and inorganic acids.

In ancient legends, quince was used by the gods to determine destinies. She was the fruit of Aphrodite and Gaia. Paris, according to the promise of the beautiful Helen, gave her to Aphrodite as the most beautiful of all goddesses.

Exclusive quince brandy is the noblest drink that is distilled in our production. From this firm, imposing fruit we extract pure gold for the soul and share it in glasses throughout Europe and America. Its special character and amazing smell make our Quince a recognizable Serbian product.

Consume with pleasure because it solves all the problems in the world!

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