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Imperian Raspberry

IMPERIAN Raspberry brandy is a prestigious product from the house of good brandies - AS Group. It is produced by a special technological process, with careful management of double distillation in order to preserve the authentic aroma of the fruit. IMPERIAN Raspberry brandy is holder of the Gold Medal of the Novi Sad Fair.

It should be consumed slightly chilled at a temperature of 16-18°C, as an aperitif or digestive drink. It is an ideal accompaniment to fruit cakes, and it can also be used as a topping for fruit cups.


42% alc.

700 ml

It is filled and packaged in one type of bottle, like lux packaging.


R aspberry is a dessert fruit, and the yield can be used for processing: juice, syrup, wine, natural liqueur, compote, sweet, jam, marmalade...


The raspberry is a relative of the rose. Its berries resemble the tips of antique pins, round, small, and the whole thing is a single-colored, regular kaleidoscope, a cap of sweetness.

One sweet thing delights the similar one

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